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Homemade Minecraft Toys from Reclaimed Cardboard

Homemade Minecraft Toys from Reclaimed Cardboard

I am not sure what it is about Minecraft, but kids that are into it seem to get SUPER into it. And on top of the game itself, there are tons of Minecraft products that you can buy for your little gamer. But instead of spending money on cheapo plastic crap, you can raid your recycle bin and spend some time with your kids making custom Minecraft swords, shields, and other Minecraft toys. Twitchetts has a great, detailed how-to to get you going. [MINECRAFT Crafting ~ Swords, Torches, Pickaxes, and More]

Project Materials

  • old cardboard box
  • marker
  • box cutter
  • Minecraft toy to trace (or you can Google image search and draw freehand based on that. Use a ruler for clean lines!)
  • paint
  • paint brushes


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