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Make a Flower Box from Paint Stir Sticks

Make a Flower Box from Paint Stir Sticks

This pretty flower box would make great wedding decor or look lovely on your own dining room table. Next time I have a painting project, I’m definitely going to save the old paint stirrers. The Wedding Chicks suggest using new paint sticks for this tute, but you could totally go with used ones. Just sand them down, and use paint instead of stain to give them a uniform look. Boom! The materials list below has options for either method. [DIY Paint Stir Stick Flower Box]

Project Materials

  • new or used paint sticks
  • tape measure
  • handsaw
  • staple gun
  • paint pen (If you’re using new sticks)
  • fine grit sand paper (For sanding off dried paint on used sticks.)
  • paint (If you’re using new sticks.)
  • 1/2 inch square dowel
  • 3/4 inch staples
  • wood glue
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