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Make Painted Pasta Butterflies

Make Painted Pasta Butterflies

Turn bowtie pasta into cute, painted butterflies that you can use in all sorts of other craft projects. This is a great fine motor activity for your kid that loves to paint, and the results are so, so cute. Kerri at How Does She? shares a tutorial for painting your pasta butterflies and a cute flower pot craft to use them. [Use Your Noodle! Quick (and cheap!) spring butterfly decor]

Project Materials

  • bow tie pasta
  • spaghetti noodles
  • hot glue gun
  • paint and small paint brushes
  • thin wire (for the antennas)
  • skewer sticks (optional, for the flower pot craft)
  • small pliers (optional, for the flower pot craft)
  • mini flower pots (optional, for the flower pot craft)
  • dried green peas (optional, for the flower pot craft)
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