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Turn an Old Table Runner into a Purse

Turn an Old Table Runner into a Purse

Did your kid spill cranberry juice on your favorite table runner? Don’t toss it! Turn it into a cute purse with this tute. You can always cover the stain with an embellishment or a pocket, if it doesn’t end up hidden by the transformation. Emma at A Beautiful Mess shares how she transformed an old table runner (or an oversized placemat) into a purse, and it’s easy peasy. You don’t need leather for the straps, if that’s not your thing. Any heavy weight fabric from your stash will do. See what you have handy, and do it to it! [Project Restyle: Placemat to Purse]

Project Materials

  • old placemat or table runner
  • scrap fabric
  • embroidery thread and needle
  • scissors
  • sewing machine + basic sewing supplies

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