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How to Garden With Kids

How to Garden With Kids

My kids and I started a small garden this year – it’s a fun way for us to get family time, and enjoy sun and some outdoor activity together. My son built a CedarCraft planter, which they provided to us free of charge. Check how my 8 year old was able to build the planter and start our tomato garden:

Kids Building a CedarCraft Planter

Here’s the CedarCraft Urban Garden planter, all built! Benefits of this planter are: easy to build, elevated planting surface makes gardening easier to reach, there’s a shelf underneath the planter to hold tools and supplies.

Here’s how Lewis built it:

Kid building a CedarCraft planter

One of the things I love about having kids is handing projects off to them to build. Anytime furniture or toys need to be built, I give them to my 8 year-old son, Lewis. He built the CedarCraft planter from start to finish, all by himself. It took him about 30 minutes to assemble.

CedarCraft planter - easy to build

The instructions were easy to follow.

Building a CedarCraft planter

After the planter is built, line it with the enclosed plastic liner.

Kid gardening tips

Fill the planter with your choice of potting soil.

Gardening is a great way to get kids outdoors and help them learn new skills - here are tips for gardening with kids

My mom gave us several tomato plants – they are volunteers from her garden last year, so we have no idea what kind of tomatoes they will be. Yay for surprise plants! Lewis planted three plants in the CedarCraft planter.

Gardening With Children:

Disclosure: CedarCraft provided a planter to us, but did not ask us to post, or require us to do anything in exchange. All opinions and information here are our own.

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