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Primary color playgrounds from K-8 Art

Kindergarten Art: Primary Color Playground Collage

Every Tuesday, I volunteer in my son’s kindergarten class to lead an art project. My goal is to teach them   Read More »

Kindergarten spider web line painting bulletin board

Kindergarten Art: Spider Web Paintings and Collage

I volunteer in my son’s kindergarten class every week to teach an art project. I figured, since we’re going to   Read More »


Make Fall Leaf Wreaths

I have enjoyed collecting beautiful fall leaves ever since I was a child. There are so many ways you can   Read More »

DIY stamps for printmaking with kids

Make Your Own Stamps – Kid Printmaking

I have been volunteering in my son’s kindergarten class every week, teaching art for an hour. Today the teacher said   Read More »

DIY Scratch and Sniff Paint

Make DIY Scratch and Sniff Paint

Make painting an even more sensory activity with these DIY scratch and sniff paints! Pretty cool, right? Holly at Kids   Read More »

simple abstract painting

Easy Abstract Painting

While I enjoy looking at abstract art, my brain has major difficulty in trying to create it. I’m very inclined   Read More »

coffee filter fall leaf garden

Make a Coffee Filter Fall Leaf Garland

  Here’s a fun way to display your kids’ art without having your whole house look like grandma’s refrigerator. Follow   Read More »

simple harvest crown

Easy Kids Craft: Harvest Crown

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve believed that tiaras and crowns can make ANY day significantly  better. When   Read More »

origami for kids

Easy Origami for Kids

 It always sounds like a great idea to turn kids’ art and craft projects into playful decor, but I’ve found   Read More »

popsicle stick sunflowers

Make Popsicle Stick Sunflowers

Summer may be fading fast, but you can keep the cheerful colors around for weeks to come by letting your   Read More »