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Plastic Egg Learning Games

5 Easter Egg Learning Games

Do you have more plastic Easter eggs than you need for your kids’ baskets? Check out this awesome list from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas! She’s got five ideas for learning games that are appropriate for younger and for older kids. I just love that she’s taking a single-use plastic item and turning it into something that’s fun long after Easter is over!

Budget-Friendly Games for Kids

10 Budget-Friendly Games for Kids

Do your kids have a little bit of cabin fever after all of this crazy winter weather? These games and activity are fun, and they’re budget-friendly, too! We’ve rounded up games for kids of all ages to help you give boredom the boot on a budget. There are also outdoor and indoor activities, so no matter what your weather situation, you and your kids have options for play!

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Here’s a fun way to celebrate Easter with your kids (especially older kids!): a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt! You can   Read More »

Dollar Store Spy Kit - super cute idea!

Make a Dollar Store Spy Kit

Okay, how cute is this spy kit we “spied” over at East Coast Mommy? Everything in the kit was purchased   Read More »

Craft For Kids: Travel Chalkboard

Craft for Kids: DIY Travel Chalkboard

Do you have holiday travel plans in the works? This magnetic travel chalkboard looks like the perfect antidote to “Are we there yet?”

Fun snack game: roll a snack!

Snack Game: Roll a Snack

Here’s a fun idea that combines two of my favorite things: games and snack! Over at jojoebi, Jo devised this   Read More »


Make a Lego Marble Run

 Turns out Legos are good for all kinds of things, like this marble run from Octavia and Vicky. Once kids   Read More »

witches hat ring toss

Make a Witch’s Hat Ring Toss Game

Looking for the perfect game for your class or neighborhood Halloween party? This one is unique and fun, and can   Read More »


Make a Sight Word Target Practice Game

Small confession: We haven’t started homeschool yet for the Fall. I feel fine about that, since one of the (many)   Read More »


Make Balloon Powered Cars

This is so fun…the kind of project that will keep your kids happily playing for quite some time! These balloon   Read More »