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10 Tutorials for a Handmade Lunchbox

10 Tutorials for a Handmade Lunchbox

Packing your kids’ lunches for school can save money and help them eat a little bit healthier. But for crafty mamas, store-bought lunch supplies are bo-RING. Check out these fun ways to add a DIY touch to your kiddo’s lunch box.

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Drink

Make a St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Drink

So much St. Patrick’s Day fun centers around shamrocks and the color green, and I love that this festive drink celebrates the whole rainbow! Modern Parents Messy Kids shared this fruit-filled St. Patrick’s Day treat, and I can’t wait until my son is big enough to drink one of these. She suggests using juice or soda, but you can also use plain seltzer if you’re trying to avoid sugary drinks with your kids. The fruit will infuse the water with plenty of flavor. Either way, what a fun, healthy way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids!

DIY Container Gardening Ideas

10 Recycled Container Gardening Ideas

As spring slowly makes its way up to the northern hemisphere, I have gardening on the brain, and these crafty containers add a little character to your garden on the cheap.

Romantic Recipe: Mixed Berry Tart for Two

Romantic Recipe: Mixed Berry Tart for Two

What’s more romantic than a warm dessert made to share? Create a special tart for two to share with your   Read More »

Valentine Heart Cut-Out Pancakes

Valentine Breakfast: Heart Cut-out Pancakes

Create a special Valentine’s Day breakfast for your sweetie or your kiddos with this simple and fun heart cut-out pancake   Read More »

Cute snack idea - nilla wafer girls - could make this for cookie exchange

Make Nilla Wafer Girls

Want to get in on a cookie exchange, but don’t have time to make cookies from scratch? Here are some   Read More »

candy corn punch

Make Candy Corn Punch

Happy Halloween Eve, friends! While you’re gathering your last costume pieces and perfecting your spooky greeting for the trick-or-treaters, consider   Read More »

pizza pepper jacks

Halloween Dinner Idea: Pizza Pepper Jacks

Around this time every year (at least for the past 3 years or so) I enter into a mad dash   Read More »

candy corn rice krispie treats

Make Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats

I despise candy corn. Like, completely abhor it. And yet I find myself absolutely delighted by these festive rice krispie   Read More »

Veggie pizza leaf

Make Autumn Leaves Pizza

  Here’s a simple recipe/idea that blends the gorgeous colors of Fall with the cozy tastes of Fall that your   Read More »