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Tutorial: Easy Burlap Art With Recyclables – Decorate with no money!

When holidays come around I get very excited to add new decorations to what I already have. This seasonal burlap   Read More »

Yarn Art Bunny Craft -

Tutorial: Yarn Art Easter Bunny

Create an adorable yarn art Easter bunny from your extra yarn! It’s easy to create holiday decor for no money.   Read More »

Easter Burlap Banner

Tutorial: Easter burlap banner

Every holiday I put a banner up on my front porch.  I love, love to decorated if you haven’t noticed   Read More »

10 Home Decor Projects with Stencils

10 Home Decor Projects with Stencils

Stencils are a budget-minded crafter’s best friend. You can use stencils to freshen up thrift store finds or turn something old that you already own into something cute and new-to-you. Here are 10 awesome stencil home decor projects to whet your whistle!

Seed Packet Wreath - Dollar Store craft tutorial

Tutorial: Seed Packet Wreath

Create a quick and easy garden-inspired wreath using dollar store materials! This seed packet wreath is a cute way to   Read More »

Easter Egg Topiary Tutorial - dollar store craft

Tutorial: Easter egg topiary

Create a whimsical Easter egg topiary tree using supplies from the dollar store! I’m Pinterest junky, I’ll admit it.  I   Read More »

Make Faux Bois Typrography Art

Make Faux Bois Typography Art

I love a good typography art project, and these woodgrain monogram letters are so simple and cute! Carissa at Creative Green Living used an inexpensive blank monogram letter and peel and stick stencils to create this glittery faux bois effect. You could make this project even more budget-friendly by cutting your own monogram letter out of an old cardboard box instead of buying a blank. Wouldn’t this look sweet hanging up in your kid’s room?

Upcycled Cat Hammock

Make a Cat Hammock from an Old Towel

Don’t these cats look cozy in their little hammocks? You can sew these up for the cats in your life or make them to donate to your local animal rescue! Squidoo user (Squidooer?) Pam Irie opted for the latter, and she shares her detailed tutorial in case you want to do the same thing! I love how these cat hammocks give your kitty an elevated place to sleep. I don’t know about your cats, but mine prefer being up high, so they can survey their kingdom.

Reupholstering a Flea Market Chair

Refurbishing a Flea Market Furniture Chair

Don’t you love hitting thrift stores and flea markets and hunting for pretty, gently-loved furniture? The problem with flea market furniture is that it might have good bones, but it’s often seen its share of wear and tear. It may also not quite fit in with your home’s color scheme. Rue Daily has a beautiful slideshow that goes through refurbishing a flea market chair to take it from worn and dated to hip and modern.

Dollar Store craft: Valentine Topiary

Tutorial: Valentine’s Day Heart Topiary

Celebrate your love of Valentine’s Day with a cute and simple Valentine Topiary Tree craft, made from dollar store stuff!   Read More »