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make a fabric pinwheel

Make a Fabric Pinwheel

Paper pinwheels are a lot of fun, but these fabric pinwheels will last a lot longer than their paper cousins. Plus, you can totally raid your fabric and button stashes to make them. Autie at iCandy Handmade shows you how she converted a pattern for pretty paper pinwheels into a fabric pinwheel project.

Star and Cloud Mobile

Make a Star and Cloud Mobile

Cute mobiles are such a fun way to deck out your nursery, but they can be pretty pricey. When we were doing my son’s space-themed nursery, I kept seeing mobiles in the $50-$60 range! No, thank you! Moonfrye shows you how to make a cute, simple mobile out of felt and driftwood.

Locker lookz parts

Bling Out Your Locker with LLZ by LockerLookz

Want to have the most stylin’ locker in school? Check out our tips, and scroll all the way down this   Read More »

How to Remove Wallpaper Yourself

How To Remove Wallpaper Yourself

Does your almost-perfect house have some less-than-perfect wallpaper holding it back? Not all wallpapers are paintable, and they can be a huge pain to remove. Take it from me: I ruined my bathroom walls by removing wallpaper without really knowing what I was doing. Don’t be like me! If you need to remove some ugly wallpaper, use these great tips from A Beautiful Mess and save yourself some headaches.

completed outside 2-2

Tutorial: Popsicle Stick Flag Patriotic Craft

I love finding projects that I can make with my 5 year old son.  We had a huge, I mean   Read More »

single completed-4

Tutorial: Flag streamer banner

I was making cupcake liner flowers and had the flag picks left over.  I couldn’t throw them out so I   Read More »

Make Your Own Mod End Table

Make a Mod Comic Book Table

Give an old side table or an end table from the thrift store a fresh, midcentury modern look! Kat and Cam from Our Nerd Home used a homemade stencil and old comic book pages to add a pop of contrasting color to an old end table. What makes this project extra cool is its versatility. If comic books aren’t your thing, you can really use any paper from your stash that you like, and you can make your stencil into whatever shape fits your surface.

Memorial Day placemat

Tutorial: Memorial Day Flag Placemat

A few piece of plain scrapbook paper and some contact paper can create a placemat which can be wiped off   Read More »

10 Budget Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

10 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

We recently got new tile put into our kitchen. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that my old tile was hideous, and the new tile is beautiful and bright. After putting up the cash for the tile work, though, we need to be budget-friendly about the rest of our kitchen redo. That means I’m on the hunt for budget-friendly backsplash ideas. Here are my top contenders!

Mason Jar Photo Frame Vase

Mason Jar Photo Frame Vase in Radiant Orchid

Got an extra mason jar on hand? Turn it into a vibrant picture frame that doubles as a vase. What a sweet decor piece to display on the mantle or give as a gift! Beth at Home Stories A to Z created this pretty photo jar to add a bit of Radiant Orchid to her home, but you can use any color of paint that you like. Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s Color of the Year this year, and I’m starting to really dig this festive shade of purple!