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Kid Art Storage and Display Ideas

10 Ideas for Storing and Displaying Kid Art

My son just started a new preschool where they do two art projects a week. He’s been there for less than a month, and my fridge is already buried in kid art at this point. I am tired of opening the refrigerator door to an avalanche of magnets and paper. Here are some ways to store and display that kid art in a more organized way!

10 DIY Organization Tricks for the School Year

10 DIY Organization Tricks for the School Year

Now that the school year is officially back in action, are you feeling a little bit less prepared than you thought you were? I feel like despite making sure I had everything ready for my son’s first day back, I was still scrambling that morning. In case you need a little bit of help like I did, here are some DIY organization tricks to help you and your kids get the school year on track.

DIY Door hanger chore chart - dollar store craft

Make a Door Hanger Chore Chart

Easily keep track of chores with this convenient door hanger chore chart. I found the door hanger kit and the   Read More »

Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Rack

Make a Magnetic, Chalkboard Spice Rack

Kristi at Addicted 2 Decorating shared a tutorial for making a magnetic chalkboard spice rack, and frankly it’s genius. The spices go in small glass jars with magnets on the lids, so you can pull them down and stash them easily. The chalkboard means you can label what’s what and change things up as you replace the spices in your stash. Love it!

Magnetic clothespin organizer craft - with free printable (from The Classroom Creative)

Magnetic Clothespin Organization + Free Printable

How cute are these organizational clothespin magnets? Too, too cute. You can snag the instructions (and free printables) for making   Read More »

$1 drawer makeover

$1 Drawer Makeover

Who wants a kitchen makeover but has a dollar store budget? Most of us should be raising our hands right   Read More »

Magnetic muffin tin meal planner - so cute & great way to get kids involved

CUTE! Muffin Tin Menu Planner

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing some meal planning resources, and I am excited to tell you about   Read More »

Meal Planning With Kids

Meal Planning With Kids

Last week, I shared a resource for the basics of meal planning, but here’s another angle on meal planning: Meal   Read More »

meal planning, made simpler

Meal Planning Made Easier

Meal Planning: I will admit, I have basically NO skills at this. I don’t know if I have ever planned   Read More »

How to Store and Display Lego Minifigs - with style!

How to Store LEGO Minifigs – with Style!

My three boys love LEGO blocks, and in any room in our house, you will probably find a few LEGO   Read More »