Kid Science: Oral Hygiene Experiment

Aside from anything involving dissections, I’ve always been a fan of science experiments. As a parent I’ve really enjoyed sharing   Read More »

Easy Summer Bucket List Poster

Hooray for Summer!! As the kids say goodbye to homework (and parents say goodbye to having to constantly check homework   Read More »

enjoying life!

How to Have the Good Life

As a mom of three boys, my life can be noisy and chaotic. Sometimes I feel like I fall into drill sergeant mode, when I’d rather be in “fun time mom” mode. When I find myself starting to bark out orders, I ask myself how I can keep the household under control, but still feel like we’re all living the “Good Life.”

Make a Car Sick Relief Bag

I’ve experienced fairly severe car sickness all my life. When I was a kid I would beg my mom to   Read More »

Mother’s Day Encouragement for Every Woman

  I read a really powerful and tender article this week from Amy at Messy Middle that has stayed with me for   Read More »

Backyard Fun: Water Balloon Pinata

Ready to give your kids another reason to adore you? This simple idea from Scrap Happy Heather will cost you   Read More »

Preschool Activity: Letter Walk

Remember that game you’d play as a kid on long car rides where you’d race to find letters of the   Read More »

Homemade All-Natural Gatorade

The temperature is rising and kids are outside running and jumping and climbing and doing all sorts of activities. Hopefully   Read More »

Make a Tooth Fairy Door

One of my favorite parts of parenting is creating special little things, magical moments and experiences that celebrate and encourage   Read More »

Make a Bored Board

 A house full of toys and games and craft supplies and yet, somehow, kids are convinced that there’s nothing to   Read More »