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Tutorial: Easy Burlap Art With Recyclables – Decorate with no money!

When holidays come around I get very excited to add new decorations to what I already have. This seasonal burlap   Read More »

Musical Massage T-shirt - fun gift to make for dad

Gift for Dad: DIY Musical Back Massage Shirt!

Here’s a fun idea to DIY for Dad’s day: a musical massage shirt! Kiddos can play the piano and the   Read More »

10 Homemade Easter Gift Ideas

10 Homemade Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is coming in just a few weeks, so now’s the time to get crafty if you want to give your kids homemade Easter gifts this year. Usually you stuff an Easter basket full of candy, but that can be very expensive. It also means dealing with sugar high kids for the rest of the day. Boo! This list has some healthier homemade alternatives to store-bought Easter candy and some non-food homemade Easter gift ideas to balance things out.

Washing Machine Drum Firepit

Make a Firepit from an Old…Washing Machine?

Did your washing machine bite the dust? Don’t get sad! Before you give the appliance delivery guys your old machine to recycle, remove the drum and turn it into an awesome homemade firepit! I love this idea, because we don’t often thing of salvaging pieces of dead appliances for our crafty adventures. Even better? This is a shockingly simple project. Sarah from House & Fig made her washing machine drum firepit in just one hour, and it only cost $10! If you already have a washing machine drum handy, this project is totally free!

Upcycled Cat Hammock

Make a Cat Hammock from an Old Towel

Don’t these cats look cozy in their little hammocks? You can sew these up for the cats in your life or make them to donate to your local animal rescue! Squidoo user (Squidooer?) Pam Irie opted for the latter, and she shares her detailed tutorial in case you want to do the same thing! I love how these cat hammocks give your kitty an elevated place to sleep. I don’t know about your cats, but mine prefer being up high, so they can survey their kingdom.

Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Rack

Make a Magnetic, Chalkboard Spice Rack

Kristi at Addicted 2 Decorating shared a tutorial for making a magnetic chalkboard spice rack, and frankly it’s genius. The spices go in small glass jars with magnets on the lids, so you can pull them down and stash them easily. The chalkboard means you can label what’s what and change things up as you replace the spices in your stash. Love it!

Recycled cereal box accordion album

Recycled Craft: Cereal Box Accordion Album

An accordion album is a simple handmade book that can be made from just about any recycled cardboard and scratch   Read More »

DIY Soft baby toys - dollar store craft!

Make a Hanging Soft Toy for Babies

Simple and cute dollar store craft idea from our mama site Dollar Store Crafts — a DIY soft baby toy   Read More »

Baby Hats

Easy Baby Hats from an Old T-Shirt

I love the simplicity of these baby hats by Alice & Lois. They use the bottom hem of the tee   Read More »

Color changing coffee cup - using color changing tape!

Color Changing Coffee Cup Craft

This is such a cute and clever craft from teen crafter Courtney over at A Little Craft in Your Day   Read More »