Whipped Green Tea + Coconut Moisturizer

Make Whipped Green Tea + Coconut Oil Moisturizer

This recipe for whipped coconut and green tea moisturizer will blow your mind. Or at least, it blew my little mind.


Life with a Type 1 Diabetic child

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Romantic Recipe: Mixed Berry Tart for Two

Romantic Recipe: Mixed Berry Tart for Two

What’s more romantic than a warm dessert made to share? Create a special tart for two to share with your   Read More »

Mom Confession: I would totally wear this t-shirt from the Target girls section!

Mom Confessions: I would totally wear clothes from the girls department at Target (and how to DIY them)

It’s been 25 years (or more) since shopping in the girls’ department was appropriate for me, but that doesn’t stop   Read More »

13 Ways I Totally Failed at the Holidays (and a few ways I won)

13 Ways I Totally Failed at the Holidays

Do any of us ever feel like we are winning at life? I have rare moments (like, 10 seconds long)   Read More »

Anthropologie inspired bracelet - by FlamingoToes.com

Anthro-inspired Bracelet Project

My friend Bev at Flamingo Toes makes the BEST jewelry projects – many of them are inspired by designer pieces.   Read More »

DIY Beauty

10 DIY Beauty Recipes to Beat Holiday Stress

What is it about the winter holidays that seems to fry our last nerves? Bounce back with a little DIY beauty TLC!

new balloon to replace fear

Creative Parenting: Helping Kids Deal with Fear

Before I was a stay-at-home, coupon clipping, homeschooling mom I worked as a Behavior Specialist for developmentally disabled foster kids.   Read More »

mother's day article

Mother’s Day Encouragement for Every Woman

  I read a really powerful and tender article this week from Amy at Messy Middle that has stayed with me for   Read More »


10 Compliments Every Kid Needs to Hear

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