Make 3D Glasses

Make 3D Glasses with Your Kids!

Turn an old pair of frames into 3D glasses that actually work! Julie Finn at Crafting a Green World shares how she and her girls made 3D glasses using run of the mill craft supplies. You might even have what you need in your crafty stash already!

Paper plate clock - learn to tell time

Kids Craft: Paper Plate Clock – Learn to Tell Time!

True confession time: when I was in first grade, my teacher NEVER called on me to “tell time” on the   Read More »

My four year-old LOVED making these pom-pom spiders

Fun Kids Craft: Make a Pom-Pom Spider

My three boys helped me come up with this simple craft that they all loved: Pom Pom Spiders!

Make Autumn Leaves Pizza

  Here’s a simple recipe/idea that blends the gorgeous colors of Fall with the cozy tastes of Fall that your   Read More »

FREE Printable: Farm Themed Coloring Sheets

This time of year lots of classes and homeschool group take field trips to visit local farms. Supplement the farm   Read More »

Make a Sticker Reward Chart with Pom Tree Kids Crafts

Let me get really real with you for a quick minute‚Ķour decision to homeschool our (now) 6 year old daughter   Read More »

Make a Sight Word Target Practice Game

Small confession: We haven’t started homeschool yet for the Fall. I feel fine about that, since one of the (many)   Read More »

Make a Perpetual Grocery List

Although I’ve got a massive love of cute magnetic list pads (massive love!!) I’ve also got a huge crush on   Read More »

Make Back to School Mason Jars

If you’re still searching for the perfect teacher gift, or decorative addition to your homeschool space, take a look at   Read More »

Make a Felt Activity Board

  One of my first memories of being in school was sitting in front of a large felt board and   Read More »