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10 Fall Crafts for Kids

10 Fall Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Hello there, fall! I am ready for cooler weather for sure. My son and I can finally take afternoon trips to the playground again, and it also means doing fun, fall-themed crafts. I tried to find fall crafts that would work for kids of all ages, so check out the list and see what looks appropriate for you little one!

Make 3D Glasses

Make 3D Glasses with Your Kids!

Turn an old pair of frames into 3D glasses that actually work! Julie Finn at Crafting a Green World shares how she and her girls made 3D glasses using run of the mill craft supplies. You might even have what you need in your crafty stash already!

Make a Kid's Hooded Towel

Make a Kid’s Hooded Towel

I didn’t really get the hooded towel thing until I had a baby of my own to bathe. When chilly weather rolls in, my son gets so cold after we wash his hair! We always use a hooded towel to keep him nice and cozy. Heather at What does she do all day? decided to skip the store-bought hooded towel and make her own on the cheap. It’s a simple tutorial that’s definitely on my to-make list!

10 DIY Trick or Treat Bags

10 Trick or Treat Bags for Halloween

Want to make your kid a trick or treat bag that’s as cool as his Halloween costume? Sure, a paper grocery bag will do the trick, but if you have some extra time on your hands you can whip up something extra special. The best part? Your kid can use these treat bags year after year.

Doctor Who TARDIS Costume

Make a Doctor Who Costume Complete with a TARDIS

My husband and I are huge fans of Doctor Who. We await each new episode impatiently, and watching the new Who is our Sunday night ritual while the season is on. When I was researching my roundup of toddler costume ideas, I came across this Doctor Who family costume that’s so wonderful I had to share it all on its own. Reese Dixon transformed her son’s wheelchair into a TARDIS, and his Matt Smith costume is spot on. I’m getting all emotional looking at it again as I write this. It’s just so good.

10 Toddler Halloween Costumes

10 DIY Toddler Halloween Costumes

I know: Halloween feels like it’s still pretty far off, but if you’re planning to make your kid a costume, it’s probably a good idea to at least get your idea together now. Planning a costume for a toddler is tricky, because you might have trouble explaining why he needs to wear a mask or keep a hat on. Keep your toddler’s personality in mind when you choose the DIY toddler costume you want to make. You’ll both have a happier Halloween!

Make a Bubble Wand from a Pipe Cleaner

Make a Bubble Wand from a Pipe Cleaner

Homemade bubble solution is cheaper than store-bought, but when your kid loses his bubble wand, you usually have to buy a whole bottle of bubbles to replace that silly piece of plastic. No longer! Next time you lose your bubble wand, raid your stash of pipe cleaners and make a functional and much cuter replacement. Tracey from We Made That says that not only are these fun to make, you can get your kids in on making them, too! Maybe our kids will keep better track of a bubble wand that they made themselves.

10 Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

10 Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

The first day of fall is just a few weeks away, and that means fun fall crafts! These are pumpkin crafts that your kids will love, and even young children can do many of them at least somewhat independently.

How to Make Paper Clay

How to Make Paper Clay

Paper clay is a cheater’s way to create paper mache projects with less work and less mess. I’ve never used paper clay before, but after seeing this super simple tutorial from Dahlhart Lane, I definitely want to give it a try.

10 DIY Organization Tricks for the School Year

10 DIY Organization Tricks for the School Year

Now that the school year is officially back in action, are you feeling a little bit less prepared than you thought you were? I feel like despite making sure I had everything ready for my son’s first day back, I was still scrambling that morning. In case you need a little bit of help like I did, here are some DIY organization tricks to help you and your kids get the school year on track.