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Plastic Egg Learning Games

5 Easter Egg Learning Games

Do you have more plastic Easter eggs than you need for your kids’ baskets? Check out this awesome list from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas! She’s got five ideas for learning games that are appropriate for younger and for older kids. I just love that she’s taking a single-use plastic item and turning it into something that’s fun long after Easter is over!

Rainbow Mobile made out of a recycled cereal box

Rainbow Craft: Recycled Cereal Box Mobile

My boys love to raid the recycling bin for plentiful craft supplies! Check out what we made from a recycled   Read More »

10 Homemade Easter Gift Ideas

10 Homemade Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is coming in just a few weeks, so now’s the time to get crafty if you want to give your kids homemade Easter gifts this year. Usually you stuff an Easter basket full of candy, but that can be very expensive. It also means dealing with sugar high kids for the rest of the day. Boo! This list has some healthier homemade alternatives to store-bought Easter candy and some non-food homemade Easter gift ideas to balance things out.

Easter Egg Topiary Tutorial - dollar store craft

Tutorial: Easter egg topiary

Create a whimsical Easter egg topiary tree using supplies from the dollar store! I’m Pinterest junky, I’ll admit it.  I   Read More »

How to get the season's hottest colors -- for Easter eggs! Including #radiantorchid, Pantone's color of the year

Easter Egg Dye Guide & Dye Color Recipes

You don’t need an Easter egg dyeing kit (you know, the one that comes with dye tablets) to create gorgeous   Read More »

Washing Machine Drum Firepit

Make a Firepit from an Old…Washing Machine?

Did your washing machine bite the dust? Don’t get sad! Before you give the appliance delivery guys your old machine to recycle, remove the drum and turn it into an awesome homemade firepit! I love this idea, because we don’t often thing of salvaging pieces of dead appliances for our crafty adventures. Even better? This is a shockingly simple project. Sarah from House & Fig made her washing machine drum firepit in just one hour, and it only cost $10! If you already have a washing machine drum handy, this project is totally free!

10 Festive Easter Baskets You Can Make

10 Festive Easter Baskets You Can Make

Rather then spend money on a new Easter basket, check out some of these DIY ideas.

Make Faux Bois Typrography Art

Make Faux Bois Typography Art

I love a good typography art project, and these woodgrain monogram letters are so simple and cute! Carissa at Creative Green Living used an inexpensive blank monogram letter and peel and stick stencils to create this glittery faux bois effect. You could make this project even more budget-friendly by cutting your own monogram letter out of an old cardboard box instead of buying a blank. Wouldn’t this look sweet hanging up in your kid’s room?

How to make a bee condo out of paper straws

Make a Bee Condo

Did you know that honeybees have been disappearing en masse for the past 20 years? This is something we should   Read More »

10 Easy-to-Grow Herbs for Your Kitchen Garden

10 Easy-to-Grow Herbs for Your Kitchen Garden

Cooking with fresh herbs can be pretty pricey, but you might feel intimidated by the idea of growing your own. There are lots of herbs that are actually pretty easy to keep alive, even if you’re just planting them in your kitchen window! It’s all about knowing what to grow and how to care for it.