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Make an Insulated Lunch Bag for Back to School

Make an Insulated Lunch Bag for Back to School

Does your kid brown bag it to school? This insulated lunch bag is a great, inexpensive way to give him a little upgrade with this cute tutorial from Crazy Little Projects. Amber shares a detailed tutorial with plenty of photos to help you make this simple lunch bag for back to school.

10 Tutorials for a Handmade Lunchbox

10 Tutorials for a Handmade Lunchbox

Packing your kids’ lunches for school can save money and help them eat a little bit healthier. But for crafty mamas, store-bought lunch supplies are bo-RING. Check out these fun ways to add a DIY touch to your kiddo’s lunch box.

Shark Attack Kids Memory Game

Shark Attack Memory Game

Happy Crafty Shark Week! This cute shark attack memory game is a great educational toy for your kids. Grab an old tissue box and turn it into a cute Shark Week toy with instructions from Kiwi Crate. I love how simple and fun this project is.

10 DIY Shark Toys for Shark Week

10 DIY Shark Toys for Shark Week

Get your kiddos excited about watching Shark Week with you! These shark toys are sure to stoke their enthusiasm for watching a week of shark-themed nature programming. Or at least entertain them while you have a cup of coffee and sneak in a little Shark Week goodness, right?

5 Back to School Tips for middle schoolers

Back to School Tips for Middle Schoolers

Middle school is a world of its own! Kids are transitioning away from being a little kid, dealing with hormones   Read More »

DIY Cardboard Sewing Machine Toy

Make a Cardboard Sewing Machine

My son Darrol Henry is obsessed with my sewing machine. He’s only 16 months, so his idea of playing with a sewing machine involved banging on it and pulling on parts that maybe he should not pull on. This DIY cardboard sewing machine from Little Red Window looks like the perfect way to let him take that toddler energy out on something a little more age-appropriate. Maybe without the faux needle, until he’s a little bit older.

Backyard mini golf

Summer Fun Idea: Backyard Mini Golf

Are your kids “so bored!” yet? It seems like there’s a point in the summer where kids just can’t figure   Read More »

10 Dress Up Box Ideas for Boys and Girls

10 Dress Up Box Ideas for Boys and Girls

Do your kids get restless on rainy summer afternoons? A stocked dress-up box is a great way to prompt some creative play and redirect all of that rainy-day energy. Here are some ideas to help you build up a nice little dress-up box stash with homemade and thrift store goodies.

Whipped Green Tea + Coconut Moisturizer

Make Whipped Green Tea + Coconut Oil Moisturizer

This recipe for whipped coconut and green tea moisturizer will blow your mind. Or at least, it blew my little mind.

Back to school tips for your 4th and 5th graders

Back to School Tips for 4th & 5th Graders

Do you have a 4th or 5th grader about to go back to school? You might wonder how you can   Read More »