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creativity is contagious

Inspirational Creativity Quotes

Here are some fun inspirational quotes about creativity.

How to make an animal ears headband

How to Make an Animal Ears Headband

Need to round out your handmade costume with some cool headgear? We have some instructions for creating animal ears headbands   Read More »

hoodie with ears

Add Ears to Hoodies in 2 Minutes

If you like kids with animal ears as much as I do, you might be interested to know that it   Read More »


Make a Bean Bag Stomp and Catch Game

 My husband has this special gift where he can create super fun games out of thin air. It’s like if   Read More »

pumpkin bowling

Make a Pumpkin Bowling Game

 Is it still nice enough where you live to send the kids outside? Grab some rolls of toilet paper and   Read More »

halloween noise maker

Make Halloween Noise Makers

 Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party, dreaming up festive ideas for your Kindergarten class or just love to celebrate Halloween   Read More »

stenciled halloween door decor

Pinterest Picks

Adorable front door decor from Madigan Made   Use a curtain rod and gorgeous fabric in lieu of a headborad   Read More »

easy kids craft goofy foam glasses

Easy Kids Craft: Goofy Foam Glasses

 Firstly, could those girls be any cuter?!?! None of them belong to me, but I often tell their mom I’d   Read More »

paper boat

Make a Paper Boat

 Sometimes we spend all sorts of time and energy and money to create great and fresh and inventive craft ideas   Read More »


Make 3-D Pumpkin Cookies

 Happy October crafters! If you ask me, we’re officially in the holiday season for the next 3 months- and I’m   Read More »