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Making Rainy Day Outfits More Fun with No nonsense Tights

In my neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, wearing colorful tights is practically part of the everyday uniform for everyone. Maybe it’s because our days are so gray and rainy — we like to bring color into the environment in different ways!


Make a Downton Abbey Inspired Ruffled Headband

Are you one of the bajillions of people who have fallen in love with the happenings of the Crawley family   Read More »

pop up baby shower

Host a Surprise “Pop-Up” Baby Shower

I love surprises! Last month I wanted to surprise my Little Lady’s amazing Kindergarten teacher (this was before the Great   Read More »

diamond dispensing goal jar

Make a Diamond Dispensing Goal Jar

I’m what you might refer to as a “girly girl.” I love pink and sparkles and dressing up and wearing   Read More »

cardboard car gas pump

Make a Cardboard Box Car and Gas Pump

 We’ve still got some cardboard boxes left from Christmas that wouldn’t fit into our (very full) recycling bin. My little   Read More »

marshmallow layers

Make Stuffed Marshmallows

 Let’s pretend like this isn’t the time of year that everyone is focused on getting super healthy and fit, just   Read More »


Preschool Science: Snowman in a Bottle

 Are you living in a winter wonderland? Put that snow to good use in this fun project from Teach Preschool.   Read More »


Pinterest Picks- Homeschool for Newbies Edition

While Dollar Store Mom is not a “mom blog” per se, it is by moms and for moms, and sometimes   Read More »

top 12 of 2012

Top 12 Dollar Store Crafts of 2012

  2012 was an exciting year here at Dollar Store Mom! Check out our Top 12 posts…did your favorite make   Read More »

roasted carrot soup

Make Roasted Carrot and Ginger Soup

   Happy 2013!  I’ve got to tell you friends, I find myself a bit bummed out this time of year.   Read More »