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10 Awesome Beach Crafts

10 Beach Crafts for Summer

Do you have a beach trip in the works, or are you going for more of a staycation-type summer? Keep your kids busy at with some fun beach-inspired crafts, whether you’re hitting the coast or not.

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Tutorial: Flag streamer banner

I was making cupcake liner flowers and had the flag picks left over.  I couldn’t throw them out so I   Read More »

DIY Cat Tent

Channel Your Inner Cat Lady with a DIY Cat Tent

Come on, cat people. You don’t have to be shy. I love my cats, too. And maybe when I saw this crazy awesome recycled cat tent by jessyratfink at Instructables, I freaked out a little bit. This is a super fun project that you can do on your own or with your older kids. There is a little bit of wire cutting and bending, which you’ll need to supervise or do yourself, but otherwise it’s a pretty kid-friendly project.

Cute kids' craft to make with socks - octopus + socks = socktopus!

Kids’ Craft: Socktopus – Octopus Made of Socks!

What to do with those mateless socks swimming around in the laundry room? Turn them into cute little Socktopuses (Socktopi?   Read More »

10 Kid Crafts with Real Flowers

10 Real Flower Crafts for Kids

Spring is here! Are you trying to unglue your kids from the TV and get them to play outdoors? Try some of these fun flower crafts! You and the kids can hit the park or even your backyard to collect spring flowers, then get crafty. You could even do the crafting out on the back porch to soak in more lovely spring weather!


Life with a Type 1 Diabetic child

I have been a crafter all my life.  Being able to create and recreate pretty much anything.  If it needs   Read More »

Stanely grave-2

Tutorial: Rock Flag – Memorial Day Craft

An easy way to honor our soldiers without leaving behind something which needs to be removed or maintained. Materials: rock any   Read More »

Make Your Own Mod End Table

Make a Mod Comic Book Table

Give an old side table or an end table from the thrift store a fresh, midcentury modern look! Kat and Cam from Our Nerd Home used a homemade stencil and old comic book pages to add a pop of contrasting color to an old end table. What makes this project extra cool is its versatility. If comic books aren’t your thing, you can really use any paper from your stash that you like, and you can make your stencil into whatever shape fits your surface.

4 Take-along activities for a road trip or vacation -

4 Take-Along Activities for Vacation or Road Trips

Road trips are long for little people, so we came up with four fun ideas (and a take-along case made   Read More »

10 Free Water Play Activities for Summer Vacation

10 Free Water Play Activities for Summer Vacation

Water play is a natural choice to keep your kiddos happy and entertained this spring and summer. There’s something about splashing in water that wears my little guy out, which will be nice during warm spring days and over summer vacation. If you’re looking for some free water play activities to entertain your kids, look no further!