washi tape tealights

Washi Tape-Covered Tea Lights

  Pins I’ve Tried! Cover tealights with washi tape (found at Lebenslustiger). We made these for my sister’s bridal shower.   Read More »

I need to quit saving the world and just save myself

I am not SuperMom

I am a do-er. I’m one of those people who likes to volunteer, likes to run things, likes to put   Read More »

how to stop a mama tantrum - pin now read later

How to Stop a Mama Tantrum

Moms, you are not alone. Most other moms find themselves snapping or yelling at one time or another. If you   Read More »

fave crafts radio

Breanna talks Kids Crafts on FaveCrafts Radio

This week, Breanna was a special guest on FaveCrafts Radio, talking about Kids Crafts with host Amy Anderson, and other   Read More »

carve your own stamps

Carve Your Own Stamps for Custom Gifts

Carving your own stamp seems intimidating, but it is really very simple and such a rewarding process. I have given   Read More »

beer can cake

Make a Beer Can Cake

We interrupt your mom blog-reading to bring you a slightly more adult idea. Whether you are a beer drinker, or   Read More »

creativity is contagious

Inspirational Creativity Quotes

Here are some fun inspirational quotes about creativity.

How to make an animal ears headband

How to Make an Animal Ears Headband

Need to round out your handmade costume with some cool headgear? We have some instructions for creating animal ears headbands   Read More »

hoodie with ears

Add Ears to Hoodies in 2 Minutes

If you like kids with animal ears as much as I do, you might be interested to know that it   Read More »


Make a Bean Bag Stomp and Catch Game

¬†My husband has this special gift where he can create super fun games out of thin air. It’s like if   Read More »