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lunch box planner printable

School Lunch Planning: Free Printable

 Though many kids might be perfectly content with PB&J everyday for lunch, others thrive on variety. Trying to figure out   Read More »

starting school tips

Starting School Tips

 20 days. That’s how long I have to prepare myself (and my little lady) for Kindergarten. I know lots of   Read More »

zentangle keychain tutorial

Make a Zentangle Shrinky Dink Keychain

Have you heard of zentangle? It’s kinda like doodling but with a bit of structure and patterns (that’s a totally un-official   Read More »

toddler moby wrap

Tutorial: Make a Toddler-Sized Moby Wrap

by Erika Tindall As I was shopping through some online toy stores for the upcoming birthdays of my four children,   Read More »


Easy DIY Magnetic Puzzle

 I spent most of my growing up years living with my grandparents, and I remember so vividly the folding table   Read More »

pink house burano

Pinterest Picks- Pink Edition

Pink is my most favorite color, and I love seeing random collections of things grouped by color, so I thought   Read More »

collapsible cardboard playhouse

Make a Collapsible Cardboard Playhouse

 We all know kids love the box as much as whatever came in it. My little lady loves to take   Read More »


Kids Craft Tutorial: Make an Upcycled Neon Vase with AstroBrights®

This craft will keep your kids occupied for hours AND use up recyclables! Click image for the full tutorial.

rock candy science experiment

Rock Candy Science Experiment

 Don’t you just love simple science experiments you can do at home? No fancy or complicated supplies needed for this   Read More »

back to school party

Pinterest Picks: Back to School Edition

I posted yesterday about my one month countdown to sending my little lady to kindergarten and was SHOCKED to learn   Read More »