Host an At Home Spa Party

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Make a DIY Bath Salts Bar

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wienermobile by The Brain Toad

Wienermobile in Oregon This Weekend!

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Make a Hanging Succulent Garden from Pistachio Shells I mean…this is brilliant. And gorgeous. And simple. And just generally amazing. It could be my new favorite project   Read More »

Make Solar Oven S’mores

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zucchini muffins

Yummiest Zucchini Muffin Recipe

Muffins are hands down my favorite thing to bake, and I have baked hundreds of batches of muffins over the   Read More »

Pinterest Picks

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School Lunch Planning: Free Printable

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Starting School Tips

 20 days. That’s how long I have to prepare myself (and my little lady) for Kindergarten. I know lots of   Read More »

Make a Zentangle Shrinky Dink Keychain

Have you heard of zentangle? It’s kinda like doodling but with a bit of structure and patterns (that’s a totally un-official   Read More »