bendable fabric flower

Make a Bendable Fabric Flower

Real flowers are beautiful, but in a drought, nothing is quite as hardy as a faux flower.  Amanda from Crafts   Read More »

cooling sponge necklace

Make a Cooling Sponge Necklace

It’s been one heck of a scorching summer around here!  How about where you’re at?  If you’re looking for a   Read More »

sweet saltwater taffy favors photo

Sweet Salt Water Taffy Favors

 What better way to celebrate my best friend’s Vintage Beach Birthday Bash than with saltwater taffy?! I’m sharing this little   Read More »

washi tape garland main

Make a Washi Tape Light Garland

 My best friend turned 30 last week, so I threw her a super fun party to celebrate! I chose “Vintage   Read More »

hot air balloon mobile

Pinterest Picks

Is it unreasonable for me to have this mobile displayed in my house even if I don’t have a baby?   Read More »


Mod Podge Rocks! A Giveaway!

 It’s my birthday today! To celebrate, I’m giving YOU the gifts! But we’ll get to the goodies in just a   Read More »

crock pot strawberry jam

Make Crockpot Strawberry Jam

 I love homemade jam. It’s totally delicious, and it allows you to control the ingredients! But I’m pretty intimidated by   Read More »

DIY axle racer toy

Make an Axle Racer

 This is good. Like, gooooooooood. Your kids are gonna flip their lids when they see what you can make from   Read More »

snack necklace

Make Edible Necklaces

 If Pinterest has taught me anything, it’s that simple ideas tend to be most beloved. Take, for example, this edible   Read More »

paper medallion garland

Pinterest Picks

There’s no tutorial for this, but you won’t need it. I just love the bold impact of this paper medallion   Read More »