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Chocolate almond butter popsicles- and they’re sugar free! via Elana’s Pantry (one of my very favorite cooking sites!) Looking for   Read More »

Make Paper Plate Olympic Rings

A week from now, it will be time for the London Games!  Are you an Olympics geek?  Ever since I   Read More »

Make a Bendable Fabric Flower

Real flowers are beautiful, but in a drought, nothing is quite as hardy as a faux flower.  Amanda from Crafts   Read More »

Make a Cooling Sponge Necklace

It’s been one heck of a scorching summer around here!  How about where you’re at?  If you’re looking for a   Read More »

Sweet Salt Water Taffy Favors

 What better way to celebrate my best friend’s Vintage Beach Birthday Bash than with saltwater taffy?! I’m sharing this little   Read More »

Make a Washi Tape Light Garland

 My best friend turned 30 last week, so I threw her a super fun party to celebrate! I chose “Vintage   Read More »

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Is it unreasonable for me to have this mobile displayed in my house even if I don’t have a baby?   Read More »

Mod Podge Rocks! A Giveaway!

 It’s my birthday today! To celebrate, I’m giving YOU the gifts! But we’ll get to the goodies in just a   Read More »

Make Crockpot Strawberry Jam

 I love homemade jam. It’s totally delicious, and it allows you to control the ingredients! But I’m pretty intimidated by   Read More »

Make an Axle Racer

 This is good. Like, gooooooooood. Your kids are gonna flip their lids when they see what you can make from   Read More »