crock pot strawberry jam

Make Crockpot Strawberry Jam

 I love homemade jam. It’s totally delicious, and it allows you to control the ingredients! But I’m pretty intimidated by   Read More »

DIY axle racer toy

Make an Axle Racer

 This is good. Like, gooooooooood. Your kids are gonna flip their lids when they see what you can make from   Read More »

snack necklace

Make Edible Necklaces

 If Pinterest has taught me anything, it’s that simple ideas tend to be most beloved. Take, for example, this edible   Read More »

paper medallion garland

Pinterest Picks

There’s no tutorial for this, but you won’t need it. I just love the bold impact of this paper medallion   Read More »

frozen yogurt fruit pops

Make Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pops

 Popsicles are a summertime essential! They’re great for keeping kids cool, hydrated and happy. They can also be a great   Read More »

sparkler shield

Firework Safety: Make a Simple Sparkler Shield

 Tomorrow’s the big day! I’m busy planning out party food and patriotic decor. I’m also busy thinking about how to   Read More »

mud evander

How to Let Kids Get Dirty

Do you have a hard time letting your kiddos get dirty? Sometimes as a mom, you can inwardly (or outwardly)   Read More »

stool storage unit

Pinterest Picks

Look at that! Now look closer…it’s an upside down stool! Full tutorial via 2 Little Hooligans Great for brave beginning   Read More »

4th of july sand art

Make 4th of July Sand Art

 In true Breanna fashion, I’ve been bitten by the holiday decorating bug at the last minute. Hey, it’s how I   Read More »

Patriotic Cake Box

Make a Patriotic Cake Box for $3

 If you’ve got 30 minutes and $3 to spare, you can make a great and useful dessert carrier for your   Read More »