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canvas lunch bag

Pinterest Picks

This might be a great gift idea for your fella this Valentines day if he takes his lunch to work.   Read More »

construction heart garland

Make a Construction Paper Heart Garland

 I don’t know what the official rules are about when you’re allowed to decorate for Valentines day…I used to think   Read More »

paper plate banjo

Make a Paper Plate Banjo

 Do you have secret dreams of turning your family into a modern day Partridge family? Inspire your little ones towards   Read More »

recycled sweater hats

Make a Boy’s Hat from an Old Sweater

 Next to proper little vests, boys wearing hats is about the cutest thing! I can’t get over dapper little fellows   Read More »

wax paper chandelier

Make a $1 Wax Paper and Crayon Chandelier

Oooooh, this is good! Jamie from The Letter 4 created this too-lovely-to-be-so-simple chandelier from a lamp shade frame, crayon shavings   Read More »

winter warmer soup

Make Winter Warmer Soup

I came across something new today that made me instantly giddy…illustrated recipes! I’ve never seen these before, but I’m enthralled!   Read More »

bag lady

Tightwad Try-Alls: Breanna the Bag Lady

 When I took my first look through the Tightwad Gazette, there were two things that caught my eye that I   Read More »

lemon souffle

Pinterest Picks

See this adorable sweatshirt? It’s designed for nursing mothers!!! Isn’t that awesome?!?! via Etsy Repeat after me…comforting food CAN be   Read More »

countdown frame

Make a Countdown Birthday Frame

I love to celebrate…almost anything! I love making a big deal about birthdays and anniversaries and random Tuesdays and anything   Read More »

felt swiffer cover

Sew a Reusable Felt Swiffer Cover

 I’m not going to pretend like I mop my floors every day. Or every week. Let’s just move on, ok?   Read More »