candy free easter basket watermark

Candy Free Easter Basket and Egg Hunt Ideas

 The transition away from the “Standard American Diet (SAD)” to a Paleo lifestyle has been overwhelmingly positive and life changing   Read More »

pinwheel door frame

More Dollar Store Spring Decor- and Pinwheels!

Pinwheels, pinwheels everywhere! It all started with my Dollar Store Spring Centerpiece, then I whipped up a Pinwheel Garland. But   Read More »

pinwheel garland

Make a Pinwheel Garland

 Last week I shared a quick dollar store spring centerpiece and told you that pinwheels have become my spring obsession! This   Read More »

clean oven trick

“Clean” Your Oven in Under 10 Seconds!

 Let’s just get real here for a minute. REALLY real. Cleaning the oven is no fun at all. Not even   Read More »

chalkboard doily message board

Make a Chalkboard Doily Message Board

When I first started exploring my crafty side just a few years ago, there were two blogs I stalked each   Read More »

lunch note easter eggs

Pinterest Picks

Here’s a fun way to start building excitement for Easter a few days early…lunchbox notes on hardboiled eggs! Tutorial via   Read More »

Printable Coupons

New Coupons Household Items $1.00 off Windex Multi-Surface Glade $10.00 off any Holmes or Bioniare aer1 Ready $1.00 off   Read More »

Amazing 30 Second Hair Trick

Remember spending 45 minutes on your hair back in high school and college? Well, I don’t know about you, but   Read More »

Weekend Printable Coupons 3/30

New Coupons Today $1.50 off SoftSheen-Carson hair care or color item $0.75 off one SMUCKER’S Jam, Jelly or Preserves $5.00   Read More »

spring centerpiece beauty shot

Make a Dollar Store Spring Centerpiece

 Despite the constant drizzle flowing from the grey skies outside, I’m in the mood for Spring! I’m ready to see   Read More »