Make Fall Leaf Wreaths

I have enjoyed collecting beautiful fall leaves ever since I was a child. There are so many ways you can   Read More »

Make Custom Photo Puzzles

Make Custom Photo Puzzles

When Morena at Dollar Store Crafts came across a set of small, simple puzzles, she had a great idea: she   Read More »

Make a Recycled Double Decker London Bus

One of my favorite things about the Olympics this year was that they were held in London!  (I’ve got a   Read More »

Make Your Own Googly Eyes

Some people just really have a knack for making something out of nothing.  PC from MeiJo’s Joy is one of   Read More »

Make a Travel Lego Box

A long car trip can seem even longer with a back seat full of restless children.  If your kids are   Read More »

top 10 home hacks

Top 10 Home Hacks of 2011

I hate to see you go, 2011, but I love to watch you leave. Especially when I get to look   Read More »

Make an Alligator Pinata

When I was a kid, I went through a lot of strange phases with greatly varied interests, which ultimately led   Read More »

Make Sandpaper Iron-on T-shirt Transfers

Iron-on transfers are a great way to dress up t-shirts, especially when they’re your own original designs.  Cindy from Skip   Read More »

Make Paper Towel Butterflies

I love this idea!  It got my attention because:  a) butterflies are awesome, b) it’s easy enough that it requires   Read More »

Make Your Own Watercolors

Watercolors have been a staple childhood art supply for generations.  They’re relatively mess-free, don’t require any special materials for use   Read More »