Make a Lumbar Pillow that Actually Looks Cute

Real talk: being a mom is hard. Even when it’s easy. My son is going through this angelic phase where he’s polite and sweet and snuggly. It’s seriously like magic. He also wants me to hold him all the time. At 28 pounds, that’s no joke. My poor arms and back are sore, but there’s no way I’m passing on toddler snuggles. They’re too wonderful and rare. Homemade lumbar pillow from Sew 4 Home to the rescue! Take THAT, achey lower back!!

Constellations Wall

DIY Constellations Wall

I wish that I’d had this awesome tutorial for making a hand-printed wall covered in constellations when I was planning my son’s space-themed nursery! Laura at A Beautiful Mess designed this wall for the bathroo in her studio, but I think it would be awesome in a nursery or even a grown-up bedroom! She created custom stamps using recycled cardboard and craft foam, and the results are just beautiful.

DIY Home Decor

10 DIY Home Decor Ideas

Is updating your decor on your to do list for this year? These DIY home accents use thrifted and reclaimed materials to help you redecorate without breaking your budget.

Tree Stump Side Tables

DIY Decor: Tree Stump Side Tables

These sweet tree stump side tables bring a little bit of the outdoors in! And the best part? They’re inexpensive to make!

paper bag floor

Cover Your Floors in…Paper?

Do you have a room that needs a flooring redo? Hardwoods and tile look great but can be very expensive. This paper bag flooring tutorial is inexpensive and looks just as good as more expensive flooring options.