bandanna skirt

$2 Bandanna Skirt

I love this little bandanna skirt project at Sun Scholars, and it only costs about $2 to make. I wish   Read More »

Make Girls Tights

My little lady is in full-blown girly dress up mode these days, wearing dresses and tiaras and more plastic jewelry   Read More »

Make a Child’s Vanity for Less Than $15

¬† I told you a few days ago that I spent about a billion hours last week renovating and redecorating   Read More »

Make Play Makeup

If you’ve ever found yourself scrubbing lipstick off your little diva’s forehead, you will really appreciate this fabulous play makeup   Read More »

Make a Lucky Shrinky Charm Bracelet

Shrinky plastic is one of the most fun craft supplies a kid (or adult) can play with. Everything looks just   Read More »

Make Gumball Necklaces

These have to be one of the cutest projects I have seen in awhile! I wish I had a little   Read More »