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Rainbow Mobile made out of a recycled cereal box

Rainbow Craft: Recycled Cereal Box Mobile

My boys love to raid the recycling bin for plentiful craft supplies! Check out what we made from a recycled   Read More »

Cereal box shamrock

St. Patrick’s Day Kids Craft: Cereal Box Shamrock

My five year old son, Brysen, loves to craft with mom.  He pulls his chair right up to the craft   Read More »

Recycled cereal box accordion album

Recycled Craft: Cereal Box Accordion Album

An accordion album is a simple handmade book that can be made from just about any recycled cardboard and scratch   Read More »

Football player puppet from recycled cereal box

Football Player Puppet from Recycled Cereal Box

Create a cute puppet from a recycled cereal box and a paper plate! This football craft idea is one I   Read More »

straw rocket kids craft

Make Straw Rockets

I’d definitely encourage you to add this fun rocket project from Child Central Station to your summer bucket list! Have   Read More »

Recycled plastic tub Halloween bowling game

Recycled Plastic Tub Halloween Bowling Game

How cute is this Halloween party game? And it’s simple to make, and reuses recycled plastic containers, as well. Over   Read More »

key fob from rubber bracelet

Make a Key Fob from a Rubber Wristband

 It all started with the infamous yellow rubber wristband, and now these colorful accessories are all over the place! I   Read More »


Make Your Own Googly Eyes

Some people just really have a knack for making something out of nothing.  PC from MeiJo’s Joy is one of   Read More »


Make a Cardboard Hat

And the award for Most Adorable Cardboard Hat of the Year Award goes to…  Evgeny from Play and Grow!  The   Read More »

tissue box nativity

Make a Tissue Box Nativity Scene

Happy December! I’m beginning to pull down my boxes of decorations and in the middle of about six holiday projects   Read More »