Make a Flower Box from Paint Stir Sticks

Make a Flower Box from Paint Stir Sticks

This pretty flower box would make great wedding decor or look lovely on your own dining room table. Next time I have a painting project, I’m definitely going to save the old paint stirrers. The Wedding Chicks suggest using new paint sticks for this tute, but you could totally go with used ones. Just sand them down, and use paint instead of stain to give them a uniform look. Boom! The materials list below has options for either method.

Make 3D Glasses

Make 3D Glasses with Your Kids!

Turn an old pair of frames into 3D glasses that actually work! Julie Finn at Crafting a Green World shares how she and her girls made 3D glasses using run of the mill craft supplies. You might even have what you need in your crafty stash already!

Scarf to Shrug Tutorial

Make a Child’s Shrug from an Old Scarf

Is there a scarf in your closet that’s seen its last winter in your wardrobe? Turn it into a cute child’s shrug that’s perfect for spring! Lisa at Cucicucicoo has a super simple tutorial for turning a short scarf into a child’s shrug. If the scarf you’re using is a little bit too long, don’t worry! You can always trim it to the right length before you start sewing and save the leftover pieces for a future project.

Plastic Egg Learning Games

5 Easter Egg Learning Games

Do you have more plastic Easter eggs than you need for your kids’ baskets? Check out this awesome list from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas! She’s got five ideas for learning games that are appropriate for younger and for older kids. I just love that she’s taking a single-use plastic item and turning it into something that’s fun long after Easter is over!

Craft For Kids: Cork Sail Boats

Crafts for Kids: Cork Sailboats

How sweet are these cork sailboats that actually float? This is a perfect rainy (or snowy!) day craft to keep you and your kids entertained.

Make a Jewelry Display

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Make Recycled Candy Wrapper Paper Straws

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