Make a Lumbar Pillow that Actually Looks Cute

Real talk: being a mom is hard. Even when it’s easy. My son is going through this angelic phase where he’s polite and sweet and snuggly. It’s seriously like magic. He also wants me to hold him all the time. At 28 pounds, that’s no joke. My poor arms and back are sore, but there’s no way I’m passing on toddler snuggles. They’re too wonderful and rare. Homemade lumbar pillow from Sew 4 Home to the rescue! Take THAT, achey lower back!!

Make a Kid's Hooded Towel

Make a Kid’s Hooded Towel

I didn’t really get the hooded towel thing until I had a baby of my own to bathe. When chilly weather rolls in, my son gets so cold after we wash his hair! We always use a hooded towel to keep him nice and cozy. Heather at What does she do all day? decided to skip the store-bought hooded towel and make her own on the cheap. It’s a simple tutorial that’s definitely on my to-make list!

10 Simple Spring Skits

10 Simple Spring Skirts

The freezing weather we’ve had down here in Atlanta over the past month has me fantasizing about spring! Spring flowers, blue skies, and bare legs weather. I shared some awesome refashioned dress ideas over at Dollar Store Crafts back in January, and today I’m fantasy-sewing myself a closet full of spring and summer skirts! Want to join me?

Convertible Neck Warmer

Make a Convertible Neck Warmer

How cool is this neckwarmer with a hidden hood? It’s perfect for riding bikes or for traveling a little bit lighter on chilly mornings. No need to remember a scarf and a hat. Just grab your convertible neckwarmer and go!

Monster Finger Puppets

Make Monster Finger Puppets

Turn your fingertips into crazy monsters and use up scraps of felt at the same time with this fun project!    Read More »

recycled tshirt baby gown

Recycled T-shirt Baby Gown

Here’s another fun idea for your old t-shirts: sew a baby gown from a recycled t-shirt! This would be a   Read More »

Make a Child’s Apron for $2

  These are the tutorials that make my heart sing! I am rarely as delighted as when I find something   Read More »

bandanna skirt

$2 Bandanna Skirt

I love this little bandanna skirt project at Sun Scholars, and it only costs about $2 to make. I wish   Read More »

Make a Necktie Glasses Case

If your mister is oh-so-sick of getting neckties as gifts, I’ve got the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for you!   Read More »

Sew a Mini Tent for Stuffed Animals

Summer is coming!  Are you ready for some backyard camping?  If you’re a fan of slumber parties on the lawn,   Read More »