ninjabread cookie kit

Fun Walmart Finds & Deal Alert: Get Paid for Shopping

This is my most recent fun holiday find at Walmart — a Ninjabread Cookie Kit — it was only $5.97, and comes with four ninjabread cookie cutters…

Summer Fun Bucket List: Playing on a Splash Pad

Starting With a Good Breakfast, Hawaiian Punch®: Aloha Morning™

Breakfast is such an important part of the day. Part of being the best mom, on a budget, involves finding healthy foods at affordable prices.

mia sandals

Treat Yo’Self to Shiny Stuff from Sears

Have you ever been out shopping, and you find the perfect maxi dress hat you love, but then you realize someone snatched the last one in your size?

Making Rainy Day Outfits More Fun with No nonsense Tights

In my neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, wearing colorful tights is practically part of the everyday uniform for everyone. Maybe it’s because our days are so gray and rainy — we like to bring color into the environment in different ways!

Making a Positive Impact on the World Around You

What type of actions do you take to positively impact the world around you? Maybe you feel best when taking care of animals or the earth, taking care of yourself through healthy eating or living, or, maybe you feel best when taking care of other people.