10 indoor winter activities

10 Indoor Winter Crafts and Activities for Kids

Happy almost new year! Winter weather starts getting serious in January. These are some fun indoor activities that your kids can do when they need a break from playing out in the freezing cold.

10 winter outdoor activities

Beyond Snowmen: 10 Outdoor Cold-Weather Crafts and Activities for Kids

It can be tough to motivate your kids for outdoor play when it’s freezing cold. Here are some super fun outdoor activities for kids that are worth bundling up for.

Make a Photo Snow Globe

Make a Photo Snow Globe

Glass jar snow globes are nothing new, but I love seeing all of the interesting spins that folks take on this classic winter craft. Sara at Our Best Bites turned a sometimes-cheesy craft into something whimsical and hilarious by adding laminated photos of her kids to the inside of her snow globes. The hilarity is all in the pose, so choose your photo with care!

Behold the Milk Bottle Igloo

This upcycling project is blowing my mind. This milk bottle igloo took five days to construct, according to Viral Nova. It’s made with layers of milk cartons that they used as the base for ice “bricks.” They used snow as the grout. It’s amazing, and if you make one, please tell me about it!

Winter Activities for Kids

10 Winter Activities for Kids

Are your kids going a little bit stir-crazy this winter? These winter activities will keep them happy and entertained! We’ve got a variety of activities for kids eight months old and up, so there is something for pretty much everyone!